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Uploading an experiment on the Airlock

Note: This guide is also useful to upload any file on the airlock.

From Linux

The standard scp command is the ideal tool for this situation:

you@your-pc:~$ scp -P 2269 -v [-i path/to/your/key] [-r] path/to/local/file 

Useful Options:
-i: still provides the path to your RSA key for CorteXlab if not the default id_rsa in ~/.ssh
-r: Enables to upload complete hierarchies of files, the provided path should then be a directory.

From Windows

There are no natives commands as scp in MS Windows so we recommend the use of WinSCP. It can be downloaded for free from the official website.

Quotas and disk space limitations

Keep in mind the the disk space provided to our users on their Airlock home directory is limited and enforced through quotas. As of now, this limitation is set to 2.5GB. users are thus advised to watch out for their disk space usage, especially when running experiment producing a lot of data.

Creating a task from the experiment material

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