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Cache Aided Polar Codes

This tutorial explains how to execute the improved cache-aided transmission based on piggyback coding and Polar Codes proposed in [1] over the CorteXlab testbed. As in the numerical example in [1], a situation is considered with a single server and 5 users: the server is incorporated by node 16 of CorteXlab, user 1 by node 37, user 2 by node 17, user 3 by node 38, user 4 by node 14, user 5 by node 35. The user nodes use their harddisk as cache memories to store the prefetched content from the server, which in turn uses its hard disk to store the file library.

In this tutorial, you will first learn how to transmit information from the server to the nodes using Polar codes. As a next step, you will run the coded caching algorithm in [2] with decentralized caching combined with Polar code transmissions. Finally, you will run the improved delivery scheme that combines piggyback coding and Polar codes as explained in [1]

Polar Code Transmission

Part A

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