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The Experimental workflow

The workflow consists of these steps:

  1. book nodes by submitting a job to the OAR scheduler
  2. submit experimental tasks, with Minus

Book nodes with OAR

The booking of the testbed in order to launch and experiment is done the the OAR tool and the oarsub command. This is explained here:

The state of reservation of the CorteXlab testbed can be visualized here:

Submit experimental tasks

Once inside a running OAR job, you can submit one or several Experimental tasks by using minus:

$ minus task submit <task_file_name>

All submitted minus tasks are enqueued in a simple FIFO and will execute sequentially.

Of course, to be able to schedule experimental tasks, you need to have a running OAR job.

When your OAR job ends, all running and remaining tasks are aborted and removed for the FIFO.

Interactive or batch experiments

When submitting or reserving an OAR job, you have the choice between interactive or batch:

  1. In interactive mode, an interactive subshell is instanciated where you work interactively. The job ends as soon as the interactive shell is closed
  2. In batch mode, you pass to command oarsub the name of an executable file which will be run as soon as the job starts. It is thus possible to write scripts which submit several experimental tasks (for example, to explore the variation of experimental parameters), and to submit OAR jobs which will be run automatically and asynchrously (even during the night).
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